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浙江安立博_撑起中国楼市“半边天”的 竟是单身女性!
热度:928 时间:2020-01-11 12:43:25
身女性成为房地产市场经济实力不可小觑的新买家,而她们更关注的不是面积大小,而是居住品质。The country’s largest property listing website Ke.com analysed 67,724 transactions on its platform in 2018 and found 47.9 per cent of the buyers were female

浙江安立博_撑起中国楼市“半边天”的 竟是单身女性!




In a departure from tradition, more Chinese women are opting to purchase homes while they are single, undertaking the biggest purchase of their lives without the financial support that comes with marriage.


The country’s largest property listing website Ke.com analysed 67,724 transactions on its platform in 2018 and found 47.9 per cent of the buyers were female. In 2014, women accounted for about 30 percent of transactions on the platform, the company said.


Liu Ce, head of research at Kaisa Group, said the appearance of a home, including the inner decor and landscaping carry more weight for female buyers, while other factors such as the location and price matters less.


decor [‘dek; ’de-]:n.装饰,布置

Prospective homebuyers at a realty expo in Shanghai. [Photo/China Daily]

“Women are always a decisive force in our industry,” said Liu.


In recognition of the growing role of women as home buyers, developers have placed more emphasis on the presentation of show houses, including elements such as interior finishing.


“In China, parents like to buy a flat for their children, even as early as toddlers, for both investment purposes as well as a gift to their children,” said Guo Yi, chief analyst at Beijing-based property agency Heshuo.


She added that many parents also believe that home ownership could improve their offspring’s appeal in finding a marriage partner.


A survey by Ke.com over the weekend found that 74.2 percent of women polled said they bought a home without financial support from their partners, while 45.2 percent did so with financial support from their parents, and 29 percent were able to purchase solely by themselves.


The poll included 964 home buyers in 12 major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Changsha.


In an unrelated survey, HSBC reported that 70 percent of Chinese millennials, or those aged 19 to 36, own property, compared to 35 percent in the US and 31 percent in Britain.


Meanwhile, research by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu found that 85 percent of Chinese mainland families lived in their own houses in 2017, while 21.4 percent of homes in China were empty, a high figure that may reflect purchases on behalf of children that will be passed on when they grow older.


Homebuyers look at housing models of a residential property project at a real estate in Foshan, South China‘s Guangdong province, Dec 24, 2018. [Photo/IC]

Emily Wu, a 27-year-old woman working in Beijing’s media sector, is representative of the new buyer. Last year upon the urging of her parents, she bought a small second-hand flat in Beijing for 2.4 million yuan. Her parents paid 90 percent of the purchase price while she paid the remainder.


Wu viewed a dozen homes before whittling down a shortlist of five possibilities, leaving the final decision to her parents.


“With the home settled, I gained a much stronger sense of security in this vast city. I feel I was able to concentrate on my career without worrying I have to leave the city someday,” she said.


Wu, who is single, said her goal is to one day live in a bigger home with a growing family.


“Home ownership carries the benefit of access to a nearby school. So when I date, at least I can say I solved a crucial problem: the education of our future children,” she said.


Zhang Fan, vice-president of Boill Holding Group, a Shanghai-based developer, said women were less concerned about the size of a home, as long as there were neighboring green areas, and close access to amenities such as a rail transit, shops and hospitals.


“They also care about digital advancement,” Zhang said. “For example a project enabling users to remotely turn on heat or a humidifier before returning home is very popular.”







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